Brain bubble cycles a.k.a "It's been over a month!? @#$%!"

The art of making daily entries isn't dialed into my habits yet. I've managed to start doing other things daily, including brushing my teeth, of which I'm pretty proud (all of my annual medical appointments are being delayed till things calm down or ghost_light manages to punch every idiot in town who's not helping curb the spread ;) so I figured I better start taking care of myself with the tools of modernity available). I admire and love the community to be found here. This space will buzz more soon. Thanks for helping to keep me buzzed (Speaking of which, I may or may not be having a black cherry Bud Light seltzer with lunch today. . . .)

The natural ebb and flow of the bubbles of subjects that I love and that live in my brain have been the focus of recent self-awareness studies for me and it is remarkable how many there are and how infrequently some get the focus and care they deserve (one is called LiveJournal). The most precious and sacred (some would even say "useless") leisure activities are not done enough. So as I approach the age of 36, I'm finally beginning to understand the word "priorities" and to fully appreciate we come with an expiration date, no matter how flexible and that choices must be made (which inevitably makes me think of the play "Mistakes were Made," but that's just negative thinking, right?). I hope you're having a good day. The sun has come out to play and it should be a good next 3 days!


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